The Announcement Regarding KCC Co-Releases the KCS Whitepaper With KCS Management Foundation

  • Building basic toolchain for blockchains;
  • Connecting the centralized and the decentralized world;
  • Building a global and open developer platform;
  • Building a decentralized autonomous community;
  • Building cross-chain interoperability protocols;
  • Expanding performance and capacity to handle the demands for greater scale;
  • Building, funding, and supporting Web3.0 teams as early developers, promoters, and contributors;
  • Establishing a Web 3.0 Incubation Fund to accelerate the construction of the Web 3.0 ecosystem;
  • Building the KCS-Web 3.0 community and exploring the Web 3.0 together with all KCS holders.



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KCC Official

KCC Official

KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience