Security upgrade, Gnosis Safe Multisig Launched On KCC!

Dear KCCer

KCC as a public chain always puts the security of users’ assets in the first place. Today we want to share with you that the Gnosis Safe Multisig has been

Traditionally, decentralized wallets are externally owned accounts (EOAs). EOAs are controlled entirely by a private key. Anyone with a private key could have full access to the wallet and assets in it. In other words, if the private key is lost or stolen, funds may be taken, and the wallet is deemed insecure.

The Gnosis Safe Multisig helps prevent that from happening by supporting a wide range of wallets and giving control to one or multiple owners, which results in increased security of the wallet. One can fully customize and manage personal crypto assets, with the option to require multiple devices (owners) to confirm transactions (hardware wallets, EOA-based wallets, paper wallets, or a combination of them).

The Gnosis Safe Multisig comes with some of the latest security standards:

Multi-signature allows users to set an access/control-scheme through multiple signers (people or devices) to confirm transactions, which provides extra protection when theft or loss of private key happens.

Spending limits through which users can create fund allowances for specific account owners, preventing overspending or potential theft of funds.

KCC will continue to provide users with a more secure DeFi experience

Set up your safe multisig here:

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