KuCoin Community Chain Monthly Report-Oct.2021

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4 min readNov 2, 2021


Dear KCC community,

Since October, the entire cryptocurrency market has been reactivated. The rise of BTC ended the fears starting from September, and KCS has also risen by more than 70% driven by the market recovery.

What a wonderful autumn.

KCC has also made considerable progress with the participation and witness of the community. The infrastructure has been continuously improved, and more high-quality projects have been migrating into KCC one after another. We have seen the expansion of KCC’s ecological cooperation and the gradual development of the KCC community. The growth is thanks to every member of the community who has contributed to KCC.


The Total Value Locked in KCC rose steadily from $10,664,716.06 on Oct.1 to $26,289,813.95 on Oct.30, an increase of 146.5%;

Total number of transactions on the chain: 6,093,931

Total addresses on the chain: 237,042

The highest number of daily transactions: 49,602

The highest number of daily active addresses: 8,428


KCC Bridge- www.kcc.io/#/bridge/transfer

As a means for KCC to link to other public chains, we added USDT/USDC/ETH on the BSC chain this month, and KCC Bridge will also support more public chains in the future.

KCC GoDAO- https://www.godao.community/#/

GoDAO is one of the most important infrastructures of the KCC community and the main way for community users to directly participate in the development and management of KCC. This month, we successfully launched the KCC GoDAO website.

Here you can see the core developers and operation staffs of the KCC community, KCC community ambassadors from all over the world, and senior consultants of the blockchain industry represented by Johnny (CEO at KuCoin).

Discover KCC- https://discover.kcc.io/#/

Discover KCC is one of the main display windows of projects on the KCC chain, where community members can learn about project details and evaluate projects.


Voting for the Grant projects-https://snapshot.org/#/kcc.eth

This month, we voted for the first round of Grant projects: Padd Finance, Boltr, Parprintr, Pentonum.

Community users have fully participated in the management autonomy of the above projects with their own KCS.

We are very happy to see this, as the joint participation of community users is the foundation for the development and growth of KCC.

GetBlock & Coin98 Wallet & EmiSwap AMM

During this month, we also reached cooperation with GetBlock, Coin98, and EmiSwap. Users can participate in KCC through their channels. The achievement of these cooperations also makes the KCC ecosystem stronger.

AMA with Pentonum & MojitoSwap

In order to let community users keep track of projects on KCC, we jointly hosted a community AMA with Pentonum, one of the first round of Grant projects.

In addition, we also provided opportunities to fully display some new projects on the chain.

For example, we will hold an AMA with the MojitoSwap, which is a brand new KCC-based DEX, on Nov.2 so that community users can understand it more intuitively.


we will introduce you some new and popular projects on the KCC or the latest developments of the projects.


MojitoSwap is a brand new DEX on the KCC chain which just broke 10M+ TVL recently.

Some community users have already participated in it. If you have not participated, you can learn about it through the following information:

Product Features:

MojitoSwap contains a very rich set of features that will allow you to earn rewards. Compared with other products of the same type, it is more efficient, cheaper, and easier to use for every user. Currently, Swap, Farm, and Pool functions have been launched.

Swap: Basic transaction service, mainly used for Token replacement and transaction;

Bar (Farm): You can stake LP Tokens to it to get MJT as rewards;

Wine Pools (Pool): You can stake MJT to it to get MJT or other tokens.

In addition, MojitoSwap will launch Launchpad, Lottery, Lending and other functions in the future.


MJT is a platform governance token issued by MojitoSwap based on the KRC20 protocol. Users who hold MJT can participate in a variety of functions provided by MojitoSwap, such as liquidity mining, lending, and many other functions, and have the governance rights of the future Mojito DAO organization.

Contract Address:0x2cA48b4eeA5A731c2B54e7C3944DBDB87c0CFB6F








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