KCC Weekly Ecosystem Report (08/05–08/11)

1. KCC Key Data Highlight

2. KCC Ecosystem Update

Pikaster Season 2/New Version — Vitality/Stamina & Evolution & Breeding Cost & Gifting Fee

  1. Vitality system: each NFT has vitality, which is the ONLY way to gain stamina.
  2. Evolution: evolution is the only way to restore vitality.
  3. NFT staking: players can stake eligible NFTs to gain staking points and earn periodic rewards.
  4. Adjust earnings: earnings of win and draw will increase a lot, and players can earn extra tokens even if they lose.
  5. Gifting fee: gifting fee reduces to 3 srbp for 5 NFTs at a time.

About Pikaster

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  1. https://news.kcc.io/kcc-weekly-ecosystem-report-08-05-08-11/



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KCC Official

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