KCC Weekly Ecosystem Report (07/29–08/04)

1. KCC Key Data Highlight

2. KCC Ecosystem Update

Torches Finance and KuCoin Win Launched an Activity — Guardian Star

PENCIL DAO Has Started NFT Staking Utility on KCC

About Pencil Dao

  • Provide infrastructure where digital artists can launch their unique NFT projects by holding PENCIL governance tokens
  • Allow PENCIL holders to decide which products of artists should be launched first or cancelled completely using governance platform
  • Allow PENCIL holders to control the settings of marketplace and other infrastructure utilities using governance platform (taxes, allocations, listing requirements, and more)
  • Provide decentralized NFT factory where everyone can create their custom NFT collection using templates or their own art
  • Distribute part of collected service taxes to locked PENCIL holders

Klein Finance Mainnet Has Officially Launched

About Klein Finance

The Advantages of Klein Finance

sKCS Has Officially Launched on August 4

Benefits of holding sKCS?

  1. As a non-custodial liquid staking solution on the KCC, sKCS holders can participate in the development of the KCC, making KCC more secure
  2. sKCS can be considered as a staking certificate, which can be exchanged for KCS without risk. As time grows, the exchange ratio of sKCS: KCS will be higher and higher
  3. sKCS is also able to circulate freely, which can greatly increase the utilization of capital.



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KCC Official

KCC Official

KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience