KCC GoDAO Ambassador Program Launched

Dear KCC Members,

Since the launch of KCC mainnet in June, KCC has made a lot of progress so far. KCC completed its first Grant program. Although not all projects progress as community members expected, two of the Grant projects get voted by the community to continue reaching their milestones. Other than that, KCC has completed building multiple infrastructures such as KCC Bridge, Discover page, and Safe Mutisig. You can refer to our Monthly report for details.

Also, on October 21st, KCC has launched the GoDAO foundation as the DAO for KCC to help build the ecosystem. In the future, GoDAO will play a very important role in the decision-making process of KCC and push it to be a more decentralized chain. Furthermore, GoDAO will support projects on KCC in forms like R&D, Liquidity Support, Funding, and Linking Resources of the Ecosystem.

KCC never forgets its purpose is to solve the problems such as low performance and high cost of the public chain and to provide community users with a faster, more convenient, and low-cost experience. Also, KCC’s mission is to accelerate the flow of value around the world. However, it is not just KCC’s mission but also the mission of every community developer.

Therefore, since August, we have been recruiting Ambassadors from the community for this mission,and so far over 15 of them have passed through their trial period. They have been adding value to the KCC community. But with the rapid growth and increasing need for KCC, we have to scout more GoDAO members on board. Therefore, KCC wants to launch a new round of “GoDAO Ambassador program”. We sincerely invite everyone who loves blockchain and professionalism to become GoDAO Ambassadors to complete the mission with us together, on a part-time basis.

However, different from the previous one, we have set four different roles for our Ambassadors. Please specify which role you are interested in when applying.

Community Manager:

Responsibility: Helping KCC moderate different chats and groups


Being in the crypto space for at least 2 years

Knowing how to direct the topic in chats

Able to help community users with patience


*Experienced in operating Discord community will be preferred

*Especially Ambassador from these regions — U.S.,Canada, U.K., South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Argentina, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland

Content Creator:

Responsibility: Creating crypto-related content for KCC media platforms


*Good English writing skills for articles content

*Video editing skills for videos content

*Designing skills in general

*Podcast experience


*Having one of those skills required could have a chance to be selected

Technical Ambassador:

Responsibility: Supporting KCC development on the technical side, and helping build a developer community


*Blockchain development experience

*Able to help community developers with patience

*Have connections with different developer communities

Influence Spreader:

Responsibility: Speeding influencer of KCC


*Influencers with at least 10k followers in any media platform

*Community Owners with at least 3k members

*Leading experts in Blockchain development

Why become a KCC Ambassador?

In addition to being able to work with KCC part-time to complete this exciting mission of accelerating the flow of value, KCC Ambassadors will also enjoy the following benefits:

FUNDING —You will get funds in return for your contribution to the community. Additionally, you are eligible to receive funding for hosting local meetups and workshops.

GREEN LANE — You will be invited to exclusive events, enjoy the Ambassadors-ONLY channel, and contact the core team members.

SPECIAL IDENTITY —You will be tagged as one of KCC GoDAO members which is a critical role to decide how KCC should progress

At the same time, the Ambassador fund which is worth 100,000 KCS has been locked in place and will be mainly used for Ambassadors’ daily work and financial returns.

Other than that, we do have some general requirements for all Ambassadors.

1. Every Ambassador will go through a one-month trial period. During the trial period, there will be no base pay. However, Ambassadors still have a chance to earn rewards from bounty tasks during trials, and GoDao will compensate Ambassadors who passed trials for their contribution.

2. When Ambassadors pass the trial, there will be a half-year agreement. In other words, the Ambassador will be reelected every six-month. GoDAO will cease the collaboration with some underperformed Ambassadors and Ambassadors also could choose whether they want to keep supporting KCC or not.

3. For easier management, Ambassadors’ salary is going to be locked for 3 months. In other words, Ambassadors will start to receive their first month’s pay at month four.

The KCC Ambassador fund’s locked address:


In addition, KCC will unveil more benefits for Ambassadors, so please stay tuned with us!

What does KCC expect from an Ambassador?

KCC welcomes anyone who is interested in the KCC community, but becoming an Ambassador requires your commitment and endeavors. Be it through the bi-weekly call or a discussion in the group chat, you need to keep the team updated with what you’re working on. Even though this is a part-time offer, Ambassadors should be a self-starter and like to demonstrate their dedication to work. We hope that Ambassadors can make great contributions to promote KCC and help it to grow.

If you are interested in the construction of KCC and think you have the ability to build a high-quality KCC, please fill out the form below to apply as a KCC Ambassador.

Fill out the form now >>

Activity Notice:

1. Please make sure that the contact information you fill in is correct so that the KCC team can contact you in time.

2. If you meet the requirements for the preliminary election of the “GoDAO Ambassador Program”, the KCC team will contact you within 7 business days.

3. KCC will announce authorization, promotion, and other cooperation through its official social network. Please kindly check the official information and avoid phishing sites.

4. Please make sure that you are visiting the official website (kcc.io) to avoid losing your private key.

Thanks for your support!

KCC Team

To celebrate the launch of GoDAO Ambassador program, we have prepared a 15-day Gleam competition,check the detail: https://gleam.io/xQuzK/kcc-godao-ambassador-program




KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience

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KCC Official

KCC Official

KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience

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