KCC AMA Series- Episode 5- PADD Finance: Next Generation Launchpad and KCC

Dear KCC Community,

KCC hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Alex Jaypee, CEO of PADD FInance. The main topic was next generation launchpad and KCC.

The AMA was accompanied by a twitter giveaway with 10 users winning $15 in KCS.

KCC AMA Series- Episode 5- PADD Finance: Next Generation Launchpad and KCC

Venue: KCC Official English Community

Time: 14:00PM, Sep. 21. 2021 (UTC)

Guest: Alex Jaypee, Founder/CEO of PADD Finance

KCC Official English Community

Hello dear KCC community! We are very excited about the grant program and all the buzz that came these days. Kucoin Community Chain (KCC) is a decentralized & energy-efficient public chain that provides developers with an efficient, high speed and cost-effective on-chain environment. We launched our mainnet on june 16 this year and have been dedicated in growing our ecosystem. To this point, we already enabled Deposits and Withdrawals of 27 KCC-Peg tokens! An incredible start for us!

Many awesome projects have joint hands with us in the past months. We are excited to have all of you with us today, and introduce one of our grant winning projects to you- Padd Finance. We have Alex Jaypee with us tonight. Welcome @AlexJaypee


Hello Eneko! I feel excited to be here.

KCC Official English Community

Great to have you here

. Are you nervous?


Hahaha. At first, but not any more.

KCC Official English Community

Great, so lets start

. Could you please introduce yourself


Thank you so much for the opportunity -I have had a long history with Entrepreneurship and tech…So I am Alex Jaypee! I am a serial technology entrepreneur who has encountered many successes as well failures in his entrepreneurial Journey.

I founded and worked in different sectors which include Media and Data intelligence, Edutech, Fintech and Alternative to Finance. I have over 6 years of Top Management Experience including leading and running a high flying startup — (got nominated for startup of the year in our region by Hackernoon). I have been involved in blockchain since 2017 and I have been opportuned to work directly and indirectly as a consultant and with the core team of several projects which include Konomi Network, Launchpool, DragonBite, Apricot and Octopus Protocol . I have also worked with Top UK projects like Baanx Bxx(Fintech Api with free lending). I have been DEFI-ing(defying) all odds since 2017.

KCC Official English Community

Great to see your experience with other projects. What’s your role in the Project #PADDFINANCE?


Thank you Eneko! It’s been a hell of a ride.

I lead Padd finance as its Project Founder and CEO — as the CEO, I handle the majority of the business side of Padd Finance and of course set out our targets and ensure we meet them. I also have a strong technical background (Simulation Development and F.E) — I believe that a good plan ‘violently’ executed today is better than a perfect plan waiting to be executed tomorrow. So literally I drive the execution at Padd Finance.

KCC Official English Community

Great and having technical background you can follow the project better. Can you tell us about the core team and its structures?


Exactly! Technicality is needed although the business part is what drives profit.

The Padd team is structured like a standard business. To us, Padd is a business and not just a project. We are building for growth and profit for ourselves and the KCC ecosystem as well.

The Padd team consists of a CEO, CTO(Over 5 years in software and blockchain development), Head of community and Growth( Community minded with digital marketing experience), a Senior Blockchain Dev(6 years experience). We have a dedicated Graphic Designer and other outsourced personnel who function in different capacities.

Core team: 4

Other team members: 4

Total — 8!

The most amazing thing about our team is how we moved from being a corporate team to a gang — it makes the journey worthwhile!

KCC Official English Community

Great, 8 members is a good start, i’m sure that if your project works correctly it will grow …


Yea. We are hoping to expand the team as we grow.

KCC Official English Community

What can you tell us about Padd Finance?


Padd Finance is the next generation community Launchpad Ecosystem for Kucoin Community Chain Projects. Our mission is to accelerate and help grow the KCC ecosystem while ensuring that our community members gain fair allocation access to mouth watering pre-sales in the innovative projects listed on our platform.

Our Ecosystem consist of :

  • Padd Launchpad(PLP): PLP uses the Staking Allocation System to give users who staked access to invest in pre-sales and private rounds. Our staking allocation system drives Loyalty and inclusion by ensuring that every user who indicated interest in a project by staking receives a fair allocation. Users who stakes for a longer period receive more allocation compared to users who staked for just the listed project.
  • Padd Swap(PSP): A smart and easy way to trade incubated and listed tokens.
  • Padd Labs: Our incubator labs for KCC based projects. This is the engine of our launchpad as we will be working with different institutions (Labs, Launchpads, Marketing agencies as well as Blockchain professionals) to incubate projects on KCC and of course launch and help them scale globally. We intend to also attract quality professionals to build on KCC and of course launch via our launchpad and deploy their initial liquidity on our swap.

Padd is a full blown ecosystem that gives its token holders access to best deals(vetted and incubated on its Labs) on its launchpad while providing them with a sleek Dex to trade on.

We are a community-first project!

Thank you

KCC Official English Community


. So every launched project will be directly listed in Padd Swap, no??


Well — Yes and liquidity locked…. We are committed to bringing quality projects!

KCC Official English Community

Great. We need to carry more quality projects to KCC, it will be a community hard work, and to have a good platform to launch them will help a lot


Yea. You are right! A good audience to attract them and a good platform like Padd finance to Launch them!

KCC Official English Community

Before continuing, remember to retweet the post .. There will be 10 Prices of 15$ each given by Padd Finance Team to random winners;

So, lets continue… What Makes Padd Finance different from other Launchpads?


Well, this is a little tricky question as almost every launchpad in the crypto space has many similarities.

KCC Official English Community

I know, that’s why it’s time to show differences


Okay then…. let’s do this

Padd Finance has different Unique Selling Points. It include:

  • Our Unique Staking Allocation point system: Our allocation system leverages on this to drive token holders loyalty. Priorities are given to users who stake the $Pad token for a long period of time(6 months to 1 year and above) compared to users who stake $Pad within 1 week of IDO just to gain allocation. This system drives inclusion for minions in the ecosystem hence ensuring that they gain fair allocation for their loyalty. Our staking tiers are also fluid and will be adjusted as the market changes.(I will tell you why in point 3).
  • Presence of Padd Labs: Through Padd Labs — we intend to vet and incubate KCC based projects — a governance system will be instituted in Padd Labs in such a manner that users will be able to vote on projects that will be incubated prior to their listing on our platform.
  • Deflationary token Mechanism: 5% of the monthly platform revenue will be used to burn the Padd token. So as our token supply decreases — our tier system changes too.

As a full blown ecosystem, we are not just a launchpad — we are the next generation launchpad that provides all in one service -including a Pre-Ido as a service platform for KCC based Project — the Presale-x (On which we will be launching our pre-ido from tomorrow — we are doing this to validate the project). Here is a snippet of presale-x

KCC Official English Community

It look so interesting. So let’s ask; Why Presale -X? I think that the video explains it but better to read it


I think so too but lemme explain… Presale-x is our first product as we begin our quest of being amongst the project leaders in KCC. As we stated earlier, we are here to help build the KCC ecosystem. Presale-X came out of our need to help reduce the amount of rug pulling in the ecosystem — projects on KCC hoping to carry out pre-ido’s and pre-sale can leverage on our platform — we will be vetting and doxxing them — this validates their genuine nature. Presale-X is like a validator for projects carrying out their community round. Vesting of the tokens to their users is also automated on the platform.

KCC Official English Community

Are you going to KYC those projects?


Yes! The Presale-x is just an open tool like Dx-Sale. The best we can do is to KYC the project owners and Doxx them to ensure that they are not scammers!

This will play a huge role in the way that projects launches their pre-sale in our ecosystem. You can see Presale-X as a validator for projects not backed by launchpad. I can’t wait to share the Padd Launchpad with ya’ll when we launch it in Q4.

KCC Official English Community

You highlighted that Padd is here to help build the KCC ecosystem — what steps have you been carrying out towards that?


Thanks for the Question. I think Padd is the only project on KCC that didn’t mine its initial users from the existing users on KCC TG — we looked outward instead of inwards (We are not ignoring the main community). I believe the essence of a project on KCC should be to attract outsiders and not just to mine existing ones.

We are attracting users from other chain into KCC ecosystem through our project -through partnership — we were once in talks with Hippo(Cycan network) — a chinese based project — for cross marketing and strategic partnership. The discussion has not been concluded so far but if achieved will allow us have influx of their users on KCC.

We had a similar partnership with Premium Block on BSC- strictly cross marketing.

We are also in current talks with Synapse Network which has integrated over 6 chains on its platform including KCC- this partnership will not only benefit us but also KCC ecosystem as well.

We are aggressive about community building too — we are gradually expanding our community to Local communities like Vietnamese community(We have received a huge interest from Vietnam ) Here is our Vietnamese community: @PaddFiVietnam

We just kickstarted our Chinese community too: @PaddCN (We are growing this)

During the grant announcement — we also sent out a news release that made us appear in over 400 Medium to small news websites including AsiaOne and Marketwatch: Here is a total list of news media that we appeared in.

We also appeared on Yahoo finance ahead of Presale-X launch

Here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/presale-x-pre-ido-platform-190100108.html

Thank you.

KCC Official English Community

Great, let’s see how many users view those announces


Yea. we intend to reach a wide range of audience. We are just getting started and we hope that with community support — we can hit our milestones!

KCC Official English Community:

Can you tell us about the Padd token and its utilities?


We have variety of token Utility. Padd token has a fixed supply and is deflationary in nature.

Total Fixed Token Supply: 300,000,000. However you can see full tokenomics in our litepaper which is here: https://padd.finance/download/215/

5% of the revenue generated monthly will be used to burn the token. 20% of the token is reserved for the maintenance and growth of the ecosystem.

Token Utility

Our token utility includes the following:

Stake to Invest: Our community users stake our token for a period of time in order to gain an allocation slot to invest in the token.

Staking to Earn: Token holders can stake our token in order to gain ROI. Our users can stake on Launch with our partnership with KuKafe.

Invest: Payment for the allocated pre-sale/private round slot will be made in $Pad token.

Nomination: Holders of $Pad token will be given the opportunity to nominate and vote projects that will be listed on our platform. The Analysis Team vets the project and lists.

There is one more! I will share below:

KCC Official English Community



Exclusive Use:

$Pad is the official token for the ‘buying and selling of NFTs’ on NFTs Realm alongside KCS — NFTs Realm is the official NFT marketplace for Padd finance. Our token holders enjoy these benefits! Shout out to NFTs Realm: https://t.me/nftsrealm. Thank you

KCC Official English Community

NFTs that’s great. And NFT Realm is doing good


Yea. it is a hot trend. Great Guys! With Great CEO — Jacob is a good man!

KCC Official English Community

Indeed. We have finished with our questions

So we will open the group 2 minutes to get community questions. We have just muted the group. There are too many questions. @AlexJaypee is checking the questions. Only few ones will be answered right now


There is major concern about Paddfinance partnership with KCLP(which this project was stated as scam due to using kucoin name). Can Paddfinance clarify whether this partnership safu or not?


Hello Kaz, for KCLPAD, I can tell you that we did our due diligence before entering such partnership- Our partnership with KCLPAD is safe and will contribute a lot to the ecosystem.

Unfortunately, I can’t write a lot as there are many questions to answer.


  1. What’s the main competitive advantage that Padd finance has over other launchpads.
  2. What does Padd finance and it team brings to the KCC ecosystem that is lacking now.
  3. How do you intend to bring other developers to build on KCC as the initial hype is really low now and no much progress on development of new projects.
  4. In the long run where do you guys see KCC as compared to other Blockchains.
  5. Lastly when are you launching on KCC, any ETA on that.


Hello Dmethod,

  1. Our Unique staking system that reward loyalty.
  2. Put a clip a rug pulling with our Presale-x,
  3. Through our launchpad and partnership — we will be hosting incubation programs with incentives attached to ensure that the right talent and quality are attracted to the ecosystem. We will be doing this through our partnerships.
  4. It’s going to get bigger. It is currently experiencing an organic growth and with the launch of quality projects — it will be competing with its counter parts soon!
  5. Hello buddy, join our TG group to find out: https://t.me/paddFi


  1. Can you explain more about your partnership with KCLP, because KCLP has launched a project on KCC before, and Padd is also a launchpad on KCC. Will that not lead to competition in KCC between Padd and KCLP, especially as KCC currently doesnt have that many good new upcoming projects which the two launchpads can share. Or will KCLP stop holding presales on KCC, but instead refer all of them to Padd instead?
  2. A launchpad cannot survive on its own, it needs quality new projects to want to come into KCC. Given KCC’s current downwards trajectory, why do you think that enough of such projects will come (I’m sure you already have projects waiting to launch on Padd, but what about after those?). Even if Padd is amazing at incubating projects, these legit projects still wont come over if KCC is not doing well, and it currently really isnt doing well. This is especially since other much more successful CEX backed chains exist, such as Cronos which is launching soon. Why do you think KCC will be more attractive than Cronos/HECO/Okex?
  3. Could you encourage some of your community members to come over and interact with the broader KCC community more? Yes, its great that your project didn’t mine its initial users from the existing users on KCC tg, but that’s only good if they actually come over into the broader KCC ecosystem and not only stay just on Padd. That does not seem to be happening as we barely see any new community members coming over from Padd to the KCC tg or to other KCC tgs, except for a certain few which only shill Padd and dont talk about anything else. That’s not exactly contributing anything to the community.


Hello Jerry, It is always good to interact with you as you always ask quality questions with value.

  1. Our Partnership with KCLP entails running running split IDO’s together. This means that a project launching our Padd will get an opportunity to launch a KCLP too hence increasing their audience reach and of course getting more users to join in with them. Competition is a healthy thing — however in critical moment you do have to join hands with the competitor to protect and help grow the space. This is because if you do not protect and grow your ecosystem — there won’t be any ecosystem to compete for. This is a normal business principle.
  2. I do not want to brag! This is a tough Job. We are exploring options of incentivising projects with initial investment in company’s seed round in order to build and launch on KCC. We are working on some other crazy strategies — we intend to launch our launchpad with an active project — I wouldn’t want to mention names untill we are sure they meet our quality.
  3. We will encourage this. I will also be happy to see you in my TG group.


Which one of these aspects important for you?

  1. Increasing Token Price & Value
  2. Empowering Platform Development
  3. Building Community Trust
  4. Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?


  1. Community comes first!
  2. Gain Feedback from community and build a product that they love.(Platform)
  3. Increase token price
  4. Expand Partnership globally.

Trx go to moon

Currently, NFT is very hot, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the future?


Hello TRX, We are already in partnership with NFTs Realm — they are our official market place — we will grow with them and build to a global standard.

KCC Official English Community

Let’s take last question, as this AMA is taking long

. More questions can be done in your main group, I suppose that you will share it again after last question.

Lauri Mccarthy

What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?


Our main focus right now is to build a strong community and deliver quality project on our launchpad. Thank you guys!

KCC Official English Community

Thank You @AlexJaypee …

So please, send again your TG group link here, so users can continue with their questions there …


So if you have more question. You can join our : https://t.me/paddFi

We will be happy to answer you.

KCC Official English Community

It was a great AMA. Are u going to give now the names of the 10 selected users from the tweet to get 15$ each one ??


Winners of the AMA will be announced via our twitter in the next 3 hours.

KCC Official English Community

Can you share your twitter here ???


Here is Padd on twitter: https://twitter.com/PaddFinance

KCC Official English Community

So thanks @AlexJaypee for your time and thank you all (our community) for your patience

. Now i will unmute the group


Thank you Eneko! It’s an honour to be in your presence.

Goodbye guys!

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