Coin98 AMA Recap:Ready for Multichain NFTs

On 30th November 2021, KCC and Coin98 had an Ask-Me-Anything session on the KCC main Telegram group with 8000+ members. The main topic was “Multichain NFT support”. If you missed the AMA, you can check the recap as follow.

Venue: KCC Official English Community

Time: 2 PM, November 30, 2021, (UTC)

Host: William

Guests: Thanh Le, Founder of Coin98

[ William ]

I am Will, the ambassador of KuCoin Community Chain(KCC). Last week we had very good news, and it was just revealed yesterday that KCC has invested in a metaverse project called OneRare. They did an AMA with us last Tuesday, many of you were there too. And today, we have a very special guest. Most of you guys have already known them pretty well.

This project is even called by many crypto enthusiasts one of the best wallet projects.

I am very happy to be the host for them as well. Without further delay, let’s welcome the Founder of Coin98 Mr. Thanh Le @imLeThanh

Please go ahead and introduce yourself

[ Thanh]

Hi everyone, this is Thanh from Coin98. Thanks for having me today! I hope that we will have a great AMA together!

I will try to keep the long story short, I have the background as an engineer — graduated from the University of Science with Excellence.

When I was a third-year student, I started up my first company, an outsourcing one with many partners from the US, Europe, and Australia. The company specializes in smartwatch manufacturing and serves full stack from CPU, hardware, firmware, software production.

The company is still operating today and it has been almost 10 years so far.

At the same time, while working at this company, I had the opportunity to build relationships with many manufacturers in China who helped us to produce the hardware products. Since then I had a lot of time to learn more about how to build a product and leverage its manufacturing power.

4 years later, I founded my 2nd company which is an e-commerce company. We built the products in China and sold them on the largest marketplace in the world, Amazon.

The experience of starting up from 2 companies with technical and business experiences has brought many advantages to me when building and developing Coin98.

[ William ]

Wow, that is very impressive of your experience. Starting a business when you were at college and having two successful business experiences is already enough to make u stand out from many start-ups in the crypto space.

Actually, I want to dig more into that, which traits do you think from these two business experiences help you the most when you start Coin98?

[ Thanh]

that’s a good question

first thing first, the technical background really helped me to learn about this technology. I quickly learned about blockchain and crypto stuff and became familiar with the concept

My 2nd business really taught me a lot about business and marketing. even if we are building a tech business, sometimes technology itself is not enough. there are so many things we need to do to build a successful business: the way we market our product, how to build product market fit, how to do business with ppl etc…

these 2 businesses helped me build a strong foundation in knowledge before I enter to crypto

[ William ]

Awesome, it is cool to hear about those experiences.

And, of course, I assume you must have a very good team to back you up!

Would you mind sharing your team composition a little bit?

[ Thanh]

About our team, initially, our orientation focused on knowledge and insights sharing, so Coin98’s team was mostly researchers, who have experience in the industry and spend a lot of time “skin in the game”.

Later, when we decided to develop our product arm, I was very happy to collaborate with our CEO & Co-Founder, Mr. Vinh. He is such an excellent tech guy who has 10 years of experience in programming and software production and 5 years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Vinh is also the Co-Founder of Kytek and Cyber Network, which are outsourcing companies working with numerous partners.

After 4 years of development, from a small team with a few personnel, Coin98 is a whole big family with more than 70 young talents living in many countries around the world.

I’m so proud of such a talented, enthusiastic young team who dare to dream big and fight hard to conquer one dream, together.

[ William ]

Wow, I am very excited to hear a story like that. You know people get each other’s back and make things happen is very thrilling.

To move on, let’s get to the main dish of today. Can you briefly share the project and products you have right now?

[ Thanh]

Coin98 is a cross-chain liquidity protocol with a full suite of products including Coin98 Wallet, Coin98 Exchange, and SpaceGate (Coin98 Cross-chain Bridge).

Coin98 Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to store, transfer and manage crypto assets and connect to numerous dApps on multiple blockchains. It supports 50+ networks, including KCC, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Near, Terra, Fantom, etc. on both Mobile (iOS and Android) and Chrome Extension. The unique thing about Coin98 Wallet is the first multi-chain compatible wallet engine, which means users can interact with different wallets of different blockchains at the same time, with one single passphrase, without complicated switching requirements.

Coin98 Exchange is a multichain liquidity aggregator that helps users swap, stake, lend, borrow, and earn crypto in 1 platform. We offer a suite of services on Coin98 Exchange. The service scope is quite similar to CEX but in a decentralized way. Imagine you only need to connect your wallet, and you can trade spot/future/perpetual or lend/borrow or stake your assets or join launchpad/launchpool, all in one platform.

Space Gate is a cross-chain bridge that plays a critical role in our product suite. It helps users swap and transfers their assets between different blockchain platforms.

[ William ]

That all-in-one idea is very cool. I like it a lot and I know you guys have made many great results Do you have any stats that you want to share with us?

[ Thanh]

Sure, we have grown quite a lot since our launch in 2020. let me share with you our most recent stats

November is our great month, I think we got somewhere 200M+ trading volume this month alone. it’s not being counted in the above infographic

[ William ]

Wow, very impressive. I am sure you must be very proud of what you guys have achieved

And I see KCC is in the first low of the supported blockchain, which is very nice!

BTW, you also have your own token, C98 right? Would you mind sharing the tokenomic a little bit

[ Thanh]

of course, C98 Token is the native utility token of the Coin98 DeFi platform, powering the entire ecosystem. C98 tokens are built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Solana.

The current and planned use cases of the C98 token includes:

Ecosystem Development: C98 revenue from transaction fees will be sent to a treasury fund and partially set aside for future product development and ecosystem growth.

Staking: The other fraction of the treasury fund will be allocated to C98 holders who stake their tokens. This feature is coming very soon!

Governance: Users may stake C98 in exchange for X98 to gain voting power and participate in the governance process to change product parameters.

And more! You can find more information about our tokenomic here:

[ William ]

Yes, if any audience wants to know more about the C98 token, please refer to the doc. Also, I heard that you guys have a very important upgrade recently regarding NFT. what is it?

[ Thanh]

Sure, Coin98 Wallet now supports NFTs on Solana and all EVM compatible chains. This means it supports NFTs on KCC as well.

if you are a fan of the metaverse, please give us a try. it’s all available on chrome extension:

[ William ]

Very cool. Besides NFT, do you have any other great news you want to update to KCC users?

[ Thanh]

yep sure, We just recently launched our Partner Program. a long-term and always-on incentive that is open for all Coin98 Wallet users which you can learn more here

A lot of exciting updates are coming this Q4, so stay tuned! Make sure to follow our socials to keep up with the latest updates

[ William ]

Make sure to follow our socials to keep up with the latest updates. So regarding the strategic partnership. do you have any plans about how Coin98 gonna help grow the KCC ecosystem?

[ Thanh]

We have supported KCC since day 1, and for sure would love to help grow the KCC ecosystem. We want to take this chance to spread this message to all projects out there building on top of KCC, please get in touch with us, would love to explore and have a chance to collaborate. Our DM’s are open!

[ William ]

Sure let’s grow together! For the next part, I will open up for community questions


Do you have An Ambassador Program available? If yes, how can I join it? And can you tell us what the benefit Available for the Ambassador?

[ Thanh]

yes we do have the ambassador program, for more info and to apply, please help us to check this post


STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term.

Does your GREAT PROJECT have a plan for Staking?

[ Thanh]

yes, we’ve been preparing this staking program for months and just finished the audit. please follow our social media channel for the announcement which I think very soon


Can I connect to P2E games with the Coin98 wallet?

[ Thanh]

yes you can if the games already integrated Coin98 Wallet


Which markets are C98 trying to reach?

[ Thanh]

our current focused markets are SEA, India, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil


What are your security measures adopted from hacking and bugs in a smart contract? Have you conducted any audits to make your smart contract safe?

[ Thanh]

Yep, of course, we did a bunch of audits (10+) for established and upcoming products from Perkshield, Certik, Slowmist, Inspex…


What volumes did C98 achieve? What goals do you have in this regard?

[ Thanh]

Wo currently our volume is around 500M+. as I said earlier, November was a great month for us with 200M+ volume we really hope that we can keep this growth then we can reach 1b+/mo very soon, then 1b/day.

[ William ]

Awesome, Thank you, Thanh. Please share the links to your social media so people can follow them right now

[ Thanh]

Sure, please follow and update our latest news on the following channels.

[ William ]

If you want to know more about Coin98 and get updated, please follow their links

Alright folks, Thank you guys for being here today

Thanks, @imLeThanh for sharing

[ Thanh]

thank you, everyone

appreciate @Williamdaigege for hosting me tonight




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KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience

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