Assess 1st Round KCC Grant Projects

We heard you! Starting 10am UTC 10/11/2021 and for the next 48 hours, KCC Community members can vote on Padd Finance and Boltr via

Paprprintr and Pentonium to be followed soon.

Each user’s voting power is based on the number of KCS you have on KCC, where 1 KCS = 1 vote. In order to avoid the possibility of a whale decides to influence decision on his/her own, a personal cap on the voting power is already set. This strategy executes a configured strategy and applies an anti-whale measure to its results to reduce the impact of big wallets in the resulting value, reducing the effect on the voting power as the token amount increases.

The KCC core team members will have an additional 10% of the voting counts and a one-vote veto. For example, in Proposal A, the total number of votes from community users is 100K, in this case the relevant members of the KCC core team will split an additional 10K votes.

Hence the total number of votes is 110K votes. We will count the votes among these 110K and the final ranking results will be announced to the community after combining the total number of votes.

Assess 1st Round KCC Grant Projects on:

Padd Finance (1st milestone)

Boltr (1st milestone)

Starting 10am UTC 10/11/2021

Ending 10am UTC 10/13/2021


Snapshot will be taken at Block Height 3,799,000

If behaviors such as fraud or anything that does not compliant to voting conduct are spotted during the proposing and voting process, the KCC official team will have the final right to execute the one-vote veto and announce it to the community.

Information on respective Grant Projects and their timeline, key performance metrics is readable on Simply click the link, read about them, and assess each project’s performance yourself.




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