Announcement on voting results of Padd Finance and Boltr’s KCC Grant Status

KCC community,

we appreciate your input in the last 48 hours. As a community chain, KCC has been listening to community’s voice and taking community as part of the governance. Based on the results we have gotten on as the following pictures attached, we sadly announce that both Padd Finance and Boltr are no longer KCC Grant Projects. This becomes effective immediately.

Both projects are still welcome to develop on KCC just like any other project. We will keep an eye on these two projects should they be developing on KCC and try to provide support in ways we can. We wish them success and urge them to be honest and build business with integrity.

At the same time, we kindly ask both projects to stop using KCC Granted Projects as their marketing tool, which includes but not limited to source graphics, branded fonts, branded colors (and color schemes), and promo swag for KCC logos, branding, and slogans for use in scope of the above project targets.

In regards to the wallet hack with Padd Finance a couple days ago, KCC is still investigating the event and will come up with an evaluation of the issue shortly.

Lastly, voting for Paprprtintr and Pentonium is coming up imminently.

Votes on Boltr
Votes on Padd Finance

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