Announcement on the official launch of KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)

Dear KCC members:

We are glad to announce that the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) is officially launched.

Built by the fans of KCS and KuCoin, KCC is a decentralized public chain with high performance. Its purpose is to solve the problems such as low performance and high cost of public chain, to provide community users with faster, more convenient and low-cost experience.

“C Plan”

As the mainnet goes live, we are going to launch the “C Plan”, namely the KCC ecological plan. More details will be released, so please stay tuned. KCC welcomes all community users, developers, and projects to test, suggest and contribute on the KCC mainnet to help build a more valuable blockchain network.

KCS Migration

We will also migrate some KCS to the KCC mainnet. During the migration, the total circulation of KCS (KuCoin Token) will remain unchanged. The migrated KCS is 100,000 in this issue. KuCoin will lock an equivalent amount of ERC20-KCS on the Ethereum network and release an equivalent amount of KCC-KCS on the KCC network.

The relevant addresses are as follows:



The launch of KCC mainnet is just a beginning. We will continue to improve the entire KCC ecosystem. The followings are plans involved:

1. Ecological activities:

The first phase of “Plan C” starts, which includes Grants Program, node voting, etc.

2. Cross-chain transfer of assets:

Enable more cross-chain assets to KCC to enrich the asset system;

Launch the cross-chain bridge for assets that allows users to transfer assets on their own;

Welcome to visit the official website for more information:

KCC official website:

KCC official documentation:

You are also welcome to contact us through the official email:

Technical support:



1. Before any operations in the fields related to cryptocurrency or DeFi, please first do your own research.

2. All users and developers can build the dApp in KCC testnet then the mainnet in the follow-up for free.

3. Please distinguish the test environment (the testnet) from the main network environment (the mainnet). The assets generated in the test environment do not have value, so please be careful against cryptocurrency fraud.

4. KCC will announce authorization, promotion and other cooperation through its official social network, please kindly check the official information and avoid phishing sites.

5. Please make sure that you are visiting the official website ( to avoid the loss of private key.

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KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience

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KCC Official

KCC Official

KCC is a high-performance and decentralized public chain developed based on ETH to provide users with a more high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience

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